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Academy of Classical Chinese Medicine — Dublin


ACCM is devoted to broadening the practice of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and other Daoist Healing Arts by reclaiming the heritage of Classical Chinese Medicine.

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01 — the brief

Knowledge preservation

ACCM is devoted to broadening the practice of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other Daoist healing arts. Its focus is to reclaim the heritage of classical Chinese medicine as guided by the Daoist priest, Master Jeffrey C. Yuen. What makes the content extra special is that Jeffrey is last in the line of 88 generations of Daoist masters (compare with 14 generations of Dalai Lamas). The ACCM website serves to preserve this generational transfer of valuable knowledge.

02 — the process


We really wanted this website to be an authentic home for this precious archive of knowledge carefully preserved by ACCM. Knowing that Jeffrey. C. Yuen is the last in the line of his family, the website plays an important role in ensuring this knowledge lives on. All the Chinese calligraphy symbols throughout the site have been hand-painted by Jeffrey. We used imagery from Paul’s own collection of photography.

03 — the solution

Beauty with purpose

The website strikes a balance between form and function. We wanted it to provide an appropriate backdrop to the philosophy and teachings of Classical Chinese medicine. The feel needed to be calm and balanced. The site not only acts as a repository for Jeffrey’s interviews and articles but also as a tool that allows visitors to book a place at one of his seminars or purchase a recording of previous lectures.

04 — responsive build

Mobile design

Visitors can easily access articles and interviews as well as book a place at hosted events or access recorded video of his seminars.

Artizan was genuinely interested and very passionate about creating something quite innovative, sensitive, artistic and yet practical and easy to navigate.

Paul McCarthy — Founder, ACCM

I would highly recommend Artizan to anyone who is looking for a website development company that comprises a team of creative, professional, enthusiastic, lateral thinkers who are patient, very likeable and easy to work with.


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