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Reg Tech SaaS Solution — Global


An advanced technology solution providing a unified view of risk and regulatory compliance.

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01 — the brief

Brand positioning

AQ Metrics is a well-achieved and customer-centric market leader. By providing a platform that automates compliance, minimises risk and produces reliable analysis and insights, we wanted to create a bold and fresh brand experience that conveys an air of confidence and purpose.

02 — the process

Selling value

Not being able to rely on emotive lifestyle imagery, technology solutions require strong design elements and typography to effectively communicate their worth.


03 — the solution


Using the deep blue from AQ Metrics’s colour palette acts as a strong backdrop to make the content pop and feel fresh. We used bold statements and succinct messaging to reinforce AQMetrics as an expert and trustworthy partner in the minds of prospective customers. Typography and subtly animated brand assets add additional dynamism and impact.

Technology solutions require strong visuals to effectively communicate their worth. Using the deep blue from AQ Metrics’s colour palette as a bold backdrop for the content ensures a confident brand image.

04 — marketing collateral

Brand assets

We created a comprehensive brand wardrobe for AQMetrics to ensure quality and consistency at every touchpoint.

AQMetrics selected Artizan based on its best-in-class design capabilities, engagement model and partnership approach.

Clare Savage — COO, AQMetrics

We also received a number of recommendations from the market. From the outset, Artizan took the time to understand our vision and purpose. They gathered information on our customers, the market we serve and our core company values. They delved into the unique facets of our brand, the strengths of the platform, and the vision of the team.

We felt they truly understood our DNA and the needs of our customers, before presenting the first design. During the build phase, they kept us fully briefed of their progress and revised concepts in an iterative process, when required. They clearly felt passionate about the project and were not shy in challenging the AQMetrics team when required. They were responsive at all times and ultimately listened to our feedback at every step of the project.

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