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Planning Consultancy — Dublin

Future Analytics

Future Analytics plays a key advisory role to governments and businesses by combining strategic expertise and data-led analysis to anticipate the impact of planning decisions and investments.

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01 — the brief

Brand positioning

Having developed a strong reputation for its expertise in data analytics to provide informed decision-making for property development, Future Analytics were keen to solidify their brand position as a planning consultancy with an integrated offering that spans the full development cycle.

02 — the process


When presenting Future Analytics as a service-focused planning consultancy with specialist expertise in data analytics, we had to be careful not to present the company as a software product provider. While their data-driven methodologies are a key differentiator, the experience and network reach of the team also needed to be communicated. Operating in quite a traditional industry, there was plenty of opportunity to create an online experience with a strong narrative that feels fresh and confident.

03 — the solution

Making a mark

To support the broad range of sector-specific services Future Analytics provides, we created a suite of 3d icons to create a more visual experience for visitors. We also refreshed the brand colour palette to better reflect the position of the brand as a dynamic market leader. We reinforced the brand identity throughout the experience by using the shape of the brand logo to frame imagery and panels. We also applied it in page transitions.

04 — responsive build

Mobile design

It’s important to us to ensure that the mobile experience is both aesthetic and functional. We want visitors to instantly get a strong impression of the brands’ capabilities. Being able to quickly and easily explore services, projects, team bios and thought leadership in the form of articles and publications reinforces Future Analytics’ credibility and attention to detail.

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