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Property Developer, Ireland


Finding new and better ways to construct homes and spaces that meet the expectations of Ireland's evolving society.

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01 — the brief

Brand positioning

It can be difficult to differentiate between one property developer from another as their core showcase is imagery of property.  Already a market leader, Marlet needed their website to demonstrate their experience and expertise.

02 — the process

Brand identity

We wanted to differentiate Marlet not just by the developments it builds but to highlight the organisation’s overall approach and vision. We strategically positioned bold brand statements throughout the site. Using the geometric elements of Marlet’s identity to support the content created a colourful contrast and a distinctive look and feel throughout the site.

03 — the solution

Visual portfolio

Imagery and video is often the fastest and easiest way to demonstrate value which can be further supported by content. Each property in Marlet’s portfolio leads with a video or sequence of images to showcase the build.

04 — responsive build

Mobile design

Strong brands have strong value systems. We wanted to highlight this in the mobile experience.

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